The Top 10 Scariest Places in World of Warcraft

There’s a lot of creepy stuff in WoW… Everything from the Goldshire children, human faces on gnoll tents, to King Varian’s crazy obsession with statues! However, where there’s a lot of creepy Easter Eggs and trinkets to find, there’s also a lot of just down-right creepy places that I wanted to discuss. I know I didn’t release a Halloween machinima this year – which I did promise to do – so I guess you could say this is my make up for that lost opportunity. I hope you all enjoy and please, be merciful. This is my 2nd ever list, so I’m very eager to hear what you all thought of it. Hopefully in this video I can introduce you to some places, as well as some lore, that maybe you weren’t aware of.

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A Top 10 list made by, Nixxiom.
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